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Make Your Life More Interesting

June 3, 2011


                                      Make Your Life More Interesting

If you are looking to improve your health, you can take a few small steps to change your lifestyle so that you are developing habits that can keep you on the right track.  How do you discover your real purpose in life?  Nowadays some people don’t even realize how much they have changed their lifestyle from natural to artificial and stressful. The question here is how to make yourself interesting to others? Applying simple rules of communication, conversations with people can become an enjoyable experience for everyone. It is also good to be self-aware when speaking to others, and to be also aware of the feelings of others. Knowing yourself is key to projecting the right image or at least the image that you would want others to perceive of yourself. Go out into nature every day. Plan and organize a trip to the mountains or to the beach. The secret of making yourself more interesting to others is to stop thinking about yourself and instead, be more interested in those others you want to connect with.  Because we all like to be liked and to have our best qualities appreciated and recognized, when somebody shows an honest and sincere interest in us, we in turn become more interested in them . Interest is a subjective thing. What some people like, others won’t. Always keep that in mind when trying to formulate a more interesting personality, and always try to stay true to yourself. Don’t walk the path of popularity if it means becoming someone you won’t like.


Some Useful Health Tips….


1….Smile more and engage more.

2…..Spend time around happy people.

3…..Eat a good balanced diet.

4….Write something…anything.

5….Learn a foreign language completely different from your own

6….Start planning for a big trip.

Human body needs healthy food for the proper functioning of hormonal and metabolic activities taking place. The scarcity of essential boosters to the above mentioned body functions, makes hormone deficiencies and poor metabolic growth in the body. To make people free from various health problems they are advised to take milk and egg in addition regular nutritious food.

4…..Take time to relax.


5……Alas your character can never be duplicated, only imitated.

6…..You can make your character interesting by examining your life and the circumstances that are unique to you.

7……Allow someone else to inform them just how interesting you are.

8……Accept all invitations.

9….Organise a party.

10…..Doing exercises is morning.

People who are above forty are suffering from various health problems. Hyper Tension and high glucose content in blood are the main illness conquering men because of their unhealthy life. If they concentrate on daily exercises they can make their health in good condition. They need not spend majority of their time for performing these exercises.


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