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I was so impressed when first time I saw Jennifer ESL lesson video in YouTube.

January 2, 2012


I was so impressed when first time I saw Jennifer ESL lesson video in YouTube.

Posted on: 25 Sep, 2011 | INT

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I want to thank you for your videos, they helped me a lot.


Jennifer,  produced more than 194 videos for ESL (English as a Second Language) students.


With Jennifer’s videos you can improve many skills of your English because her videos are focused on different aspects like grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation.


 she’s a great teacher!


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You can also visit her personal website where you’ll be able to get to know Jennifer better

 and find more material to learn English.  

Her videos are all-inclusive as they contain an introduction about the lesson, a more detailed explanation and exercises which you can practice.





S….   Hi, Jennifer, how are you?  My name is Sultan. Nice to meet you!


J….    It’s a pleasure to meet you. What do you do for a living?


S….    I have small business sale and purchase medicine. In my free time I usually studying English with your videos every days. I heard  a lot about  you, You are a great teacher.


J….   Nice to meet you, Sultan!  


S….   I’m also glad to meet you. I would like to thank you for your great support  especially for the videos you have posted in YouTube. Your video is very interesting and useful for me. Thank you my teacher for that. I was so impressed when first time I saw your lesson video in YouTube.


J…..   Thank you for watching my videos on YouTube. Indeed, learning and teaching languages should be more than a hobby. For me, teaching is my passion.


S….    You’re doing an excellent and beautiful job. We can see your passion from your videos and your commitment in trying to teach, help and encourage people all over the world who need English for work, studies. I really appreciated your personal and supportive teaching style, and your talent is inspiring.  


J…..    Thank you for your faithfulness and support. How is your work these days?


S…     I’m doing the same thing over and over again.


J….     How are your studies going these days?


S….    That sounds so boring. I want to improve my English but I am unable to do it.


J….     What is the problem?


S….    I hesitate while speaking. Sentences do not come in my mind and I just fall flat.


J…     Do you practice grammar?


S…    I practice now and then.


J….     Go with a teacher who is EnglishCafe Approved.  You can also explore a language community, such as EnglishCafe, where you can reach out to speakers of languages you know and request a kind of exchange.

  You need to practice it daily as it will help you in speaking.

          Sentences will automatically come in your mind if you know grammar as grammar will help your mind construct sentences as a result you will be able to speak with out hesitation.  


S…..    Thank you for your valuable suggestions. I will act upon your advice, do you have any more advice to give me?


J….     Be courteous, think before you speak, be cheerful and goog-humoured,  think about your tone, for good conversation it should be pleasing, not too loud or too soft, act upon these certain points, and you will find that you know the secrets of good conversation.


S……Thank you Jennifer, for your suggestion.  I will follow your instructions.  


J…    That’s great. It was nice meeting you.


S…    Yeah. It was a pleasure meeting you. I’ll see you next time.


J…    Sure. Bye!




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