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New Orleans!

January 2, 2012

New Orleans

Posted on: 17 Apr, 2011 | INT

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                                                               New Orleans  





 When I first heard that the TESOL 2011 Annual Convention Begin at New Orleans and  

 our  two great EC teachers (Holly and Jennifer) attended the 45th annual TESOL Convention,   



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      It was exciting news for me.I was studying about  New Orleans city,

 and i started and focus to understand TESOL and New Orleans.



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 New Orleans, it has been called the most unique city in the United States.

 New Orleans is a place of soul and of music.



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By the early 1900s New Orleans was an exciting place and its nickname”The Big Easy” was thought to have  come from musicians who said easy it was to find work.

 It is the largest city in Louisiana. The city has much history and it is the birthplace of jazz music.



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New Orleans has the best live music and the most accomplished and engaging musicians of any place.

There’s certain things in life one is  culture, food, people, New Orleans has all of that.

New Orleans is famous for its food. Its architecture,its celebration.

Fore years its has been a popular destination for tourists from around the world.


New Orleans  was named after Philippe II, Duke of Orleans, Regent of France. Because the city was on  the Mississippi River, it became an important port for shipping and play a large role in the slave trade.



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New Orleans was warned that its pumping system was not good enough in 1995 when heavy rains caused flooding.

In August 2005 flood walls failed and 80% of new Orleans flooded.

Workers continue to clean up and rebuild this special city.



                                                                                     With  Thanks


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