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We all are sad……………….!

January 2, 2012


We all are sad……………….

Posted on: 28 Dec, 2011 | INT

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                                                                   We all are sad……………….



When we want to learn to speak, read and write English we no longer have to take regular classes or travel we can stay at home and take English online and study at you own pace without paying the costly tuition and other expenses that would otherwise be involved.  





Englisg is spoken in more than 45 countries.  2 billion people around the World speak English.




EnglishCafe is the best place for those who want to learn and teach English.  I can say that this site is awesome and terrific.This is one of the best websites I’ve ever visited.  






 All advice and learning tips are all very useful,EnglishCafe is a great site it is cleverly designed, easily viewed.



 It is the key to a great door into the world of civilization and culture.I am very impressed by the quality of the information.





 I am grateful to everyone……………………….



A big Thank you to EC teachers and EC managers.



THANK YOU………………………………Thank you!



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Submitted by Houssem 44 minutes ago

I’m really shocked, why!! I’m afraid that I gonna lose all my fiends and my Great Teacher. It’s a Nightmare indeed. I wonder, is there anything we can do to preserve EC!!  



“In life, unlike chess, life continuous after checkmate”   Isaac Asimov


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Submitted by Wadarig on 01 Jan, 2012

The worst thing of life is losing something beloved. The first day of this new year introduced me to a nightmare.



“Forefather land, even barren worth anything.”


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Submitted by Suny00 on 31 Dec, 2011

Hi Sultan,

I’m also disappointed. I don’t know what i do, what’s going happen in next. We should connect each other. It seems EC site will not close.InshaAllah

Thank you



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Submitted by Yoba on 30 Dec, 2011

In the good sense of the expression, I think that English has been an excuse to be on here. I mean, with the idea to learn another language, we started a wonderful process to communication that allowed us to know about cultures, tradition, history, art, music, and many many fantastic things about the world and its people. I am sure that all the members know more about the world than before, and it means we have a reason to be sad.  




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Submitted by Condorcet on 29 Dec, 2011

Englishcafe has been a great learning and teaching networking experience. We are all sad, teachers and learners as well. I wish something bright will get out of this worldwide sadness.   




When learning English, what we need is first practice, then practice and eventually, practice.


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Submitted by Resa on 28 Dec, 2011

Hi, my dear friend  

I learned very much on English Cafe.  

Special thanks to Jessica and Lee.

Thank you to EC teachers and EC managers.  

           Best wishes.  


I want to express my love and friendship to everyone who helps me on English Cafe.


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