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Everyday English Conversations Part 1

October 10, 2012

Everyday English Conversations Part 1

1. Who are you? آپ کون ہیں؟
A. What’s your name?
B. My name is Bobby. What’s yours?
A. Mine is Tom.
B. Where do you live?
A. I live in Karachi, and you?
B. I live in Islamabad.
A. It’s nice to meet you.
B. It’s nice to meet you too.
2. Going to the park  پارک میں جانا
A. Where are you going?
B. I am going to the park.
A. What will you do there?
B. I will play football.
A. Who will you play with?
B. My friends.
A. May I play too?
B. Yes, you may.

3. School time سکول وقت
A. What time do you go to school?
B. I go at 7am.
A. How do you get to school?
B. I get to school by bus.
A. What grade are you in?
B. The 6th grade.
A. Do you have fun at school?
B. Yes, I do.
4. Homework
A. What are you doing?
B. I’m doing my homework.
A. Which class is it for?
B. It’s for Math class.
A. Is it hard?
B. No, it’s not.
A. Will you help me with mine?
B. Yes, I will.

5. My birthday
A. When is your birthday?
B. My birthday is on August the 14th.
A. Mine is on May the 3rd.
B. Do you have a party on that day?
A. Yes, I do. Do you?
B. Yes, we have lots of fun.
A. What do you do?
B. We play games and eat cake.
6. What to do?
A. What do you want to do?
B. I don’t know.
A. We could play tennis.
B. No, it’s too hot.
A. We could play basketball.
B. No, it’s too hot for that too.
A. Do you want to go swimming?
B. That’s a cool idea.

7. Funny story
A. Why are you laughing?
B. Because I heard a funny story.
A. Who told you a funny story?
B. Eric did.
A. When did he tell it to you?
B. A few minutes ago.
A. Will you tell it to me?
B. Yes, I will tell you.
8. In the dark
A. Oh! The electricity is off!
B. I can’t see anything.
A. Me either.
B. What should we do?
A. We need a flashlight.
B. Where is it?
A. I think it’s in the kitchen drawer.
B. Yes, here it is.

9. Lost backpack
A. Have you seen my backpack?
B. No. Why do you ask?
A. Because I can’t find it.
B. Did you look in your closet?
A. Yes, It wasn’t there.
B. Did you look under your bed?
A. No, not yet.
B. I bet that’s where it is.
10. Popcorn
A. Are you ready to watch the movie?
B. No, not yet.
A. Why not?
B. Because something is missing.
A. What’s missing?
B. Popcorn!
A. I can watch a movie without popcorn.
B. Well, I can’t.

11. 2 tests

A. How was school?
B. It was terrible.
A. Why?
B. I had 2 tests today.
A. In which classes?
B. Math and History.
A. Didn’t you study for them?
B. Yes, but they were still hard.
12. Broken bicycle..ٹوٹے ہوئے سائیکل
A. What’s new?
B. I have a problem.
A. What’s wrong?
B. The chain fell off of my bicycle.
A. Did it break?
B. No.
A. I will help you put it back on.
B. Thanks.

13. Where’s the market?...بازار کہاں ہے؟
A. Excuse me.
B. What can I do for you?
A. Can you tell me where the market is?
B. Yes. Its 3 blocks down this street, on the right.
A. Is it open now?
B. Yes, it opened at 9am.
A. Thank you very much.
B. You are welcome.
14. New boyfriend..نئے پریمی
A. Why is Jill so happy?
B. Because, she has a new boyfriend.
A. What’s his name?
B. His name is James.
A. Where did she meet him?
B. I think they met at the mall.
A. I am glad she is happy.
B. Me too.

15. What to be?
A. What do you want to be?
B. I want to be a pilot.
A. Flying jets would be fun.
B. Yes, it would. What about you?
A. I want to be a fireman.
B. That’s a dangerous job.
A. I want to help people.
B. You’re a good person.

16. Lunch choices
A. What do you want for lunch?
B. What are my choices?
A. I could make sandwiches.
B. What else?
A. I could make spaghetti.
B. Hmm, I don’t know.
A. Or, we could go to McDonalds.
B. I’ll drive.
17. Great music

A. Please put some music on.
B. What do you want to listen to?
A. You can choose.
B. How about Potato?
A. That sounds ok.
B. Wait! I have the new clash CD.
A. I haven’t heard that yet.
B. You will love it.
18. Pressing flowers
A. What are you doing?
B. I am pressing flowers.
A. What’s that?
B. You put flowers in a book, to dry out.
A. What do you do with them?
B. You make colorful decorations.

A. How long do they last?
B. They last forever.
19. Where’s Lana?
A. Have you seen Lana?
B. Yes, I just saw her on the playground.
A. How long ago?
B. It was about 5 minutes ago.
A. I need to talk to her.
B. Why?
A. She is going to help me with my homework.
B. If you hurry you may catch her.
20. New building
A. What is all that noise?
B. It’s coming from across the street
A. What are they building?
B. I don’t know.

A. I hope it’s a pizza parlor.
B. I hope it’s a comic book store.
A. It’s going to be very big.
B. Yes, it looks like it.
21. Take the train
A: I think we should fly to Chaing Mai.
B: That would be too expensive.
A: How about hitchhiking?
B: No, that’s too dangerous.
A: We could take the bus.
B: Buses aren’t very comfortable.
A: We could go by train.
B: That sounds like more fun.
22. The gift shop
A: Wow! That gift shop had everything.
B: Did you buy anything?

A: No. I want to check the prices here.
B: Yes, maybe we can get a better deal.
A: I am not good at bargaining.
B: Don’t worry, I will take care of that.
A: I am glad you are with me.
B: Thanks. Now, let’s shop.
23. Scooter trip
A: Let’s go somewhere.
B: Where?
A: How about the zoo?
B: Great! How will we get there?
A: We could ride our bicycles.
B: It’s too far for that.
A: We could use my scooter.
B: That’s a better idea.

24. Flying kites
A: Kite flying is fun.
B: Yes, but my arms are very tired.
A: Thanks for teaching me how.
B: Anything, for my favorite girl.
A: I am getting a little hungry.
B: Me too.
A: How about having lunch?
B: You read my mind.
25. Getting ready
A: Are you ready?
B: Almost.
A: We need to hurry.
B: Why?
A: The show starts in 30 minutes.
B: Go start the car.
A: Ok. Where are the car keys?
B: They are on the kitchen table.

26. Bad luck
A: Where have you been?
B: I am sorry that I am late.
A: What took you so long.
B: I had a flat tire.
A: How did that happen? The tires are new.
B: I ran over a nail.
A: These things happen.
B: Yes, it was just bad luck.
27. Stop at the store
A: I will be home soon.
B: Can you stop by the store?
A: Sure, what do you need?
B: Can you get me some milk and a few tomatoes.
A: I couldn’t hear you, please say that again.
B: I said, some milk, and a few tomatoes.

A: What?
28. The last minute
A: Can you talk?
B: Not right now, I am very busy.
A: What are you doing?
B: I am writing my science report.
A: Really? That is due tomorrow.
B: I know.
A: We had 1 week to do that report.
B: I know, I always wait until the last minute.
29. Great paper
A: I just read your English paper.
B: I hope it was ok.
A: You did a terrific job.
B: Thanks.

A: You have improved a lot this year.
B: I have worked very hard.
A: I hope your next paper is just as good.
B: Me too.
30. You look great
A: Wow! You look great in that new dress.
B: I should, it took all of my money to buy it.
A: Where are you going?
B: To the movies.
A: With that new boyfriend?
B: Yes.
A: I hope he notices how pretty you look.
B: He had better!


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