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Everyday English Conversations Part 2

October 10, 2012

Everyday English Conversations Part 2

31. Playing with a kitten
A: Your brother likes playing with that kitten.
B: Yes, they play all day long.
A: What do they play with?
B: That ball of string.
A: How old is your brother?
B: He’s 5 years old.
A: How old is the kitten?
B: He’s 5 months old.
32. Dog walk
A: I think your dog wants something.
B: What makes you think that?
A: He is whining and wagging his tail.
B: Oh, it must be time.
A: Time for what?
B: Time to take him for a walk.
A: Do you walk him every day?
B: Yes, it keeps him healthy.

33. Too many choices
A: I hate shopping!
B: Was the store too crowded?
A: No, that wasn’t it.
B: Were things too expensive?
A: No, they were very cheap.
B: Then what was the problem?
A: There were too many styles to choose from.
B: Shop at a smaller store next time.
34. New suit
A: Your new suit looks great.
B: Thank you.
A: How much did it cost?
B: It was $200.
A: That’s terrible.
B: Why?
A: They are only $150 at the old market.
B: I’ve been cheated!

35. Lunch break
A: You’ve been writing that report for 5 hours.
B: I have to finish it today.
A: You must be hungry.
B: Yes, I am.
A: Let’s take a lunch break.
B: I don’t have the time.
A: The restaurant is very close.
B: Well ok, but let’s hurry.
36. Field trip
A: Hurry up, so we can get to school.
B: Why are you in such a hurry?
A: Today is a special day.
B: Why is it special?
A: We get to go on a field trip today.
B: Where are we going?
A: To the Science Museum.
B: Really? I had forgotten.

37. The perfect girl
A: I have the perfect girl for you.
B: Oh no! Not another blind date.
A: Why not?
B: The last one didn’t go well.
A: What was wrong? Ann was a very nice girl.
B: Yes, but she looked like a gorilla.
A: I promise, this time will be better.
B: I don’t believe you.
38. Monkey business
A: I’m leaving now.
B: Ok mom, bye.
A: No monkey business while I am gone.
B: We promise.
A: Last time, you boys broke the lamp.
B: That was an accident.

A: Well, no accidents this time!
B: We promise.
39. Don’t be lazy
A: You weren’t at work today.
B: I didn’t feel like going in.
A: They might fire you.
B: No, they need me.
A: Remember, good jobs are hard to find.
B: Yes, that’s true.
A: I wouldn’t skip too much work.
B: Ok, I won’t do it again.
40. Gossip girl
A: Cathy never stops talking.
B: It seems so.
A: She is always gossiping.
B: I know.
A: Gossip only hurts people.
B: Yes, it does.

A: I hope she runs out soon.
B: If she does, she will just make up more.
41. Recycling
A: What are you doing?
B: I’m throwing this bottle away.
A: Don’t put it in that bin.
B: Where should I put it?
A: Put it in the other bin.
B: What’s the difference?
A: One is for glass, and one is for plastic.
B: Oh, I see. They are recycling bins.
42. No cartoon
A: I’m mad!
B: Why, what’s wrong?
A: I can’t find my favorite cartoon.
B: Which one is it?
A: “Commander Space Monkey”.
B: Maybe they took it off the air.

A: I hope not.
B: I do. That show was stupid.
43. Chores
A: I am going to wash the car.
B: Do you have everything you need?
A: I think so.
B: Do you have a brush, soap, and a bucket of water?
A: Yes. I just need one thing.
B: What’s that?
A: Some help.
B: I knew you were going to say that.
44. Lazy
A: Where are you going?
B: I’m going to the kitchen.
A: Can you get me a glass of juice?
B: You are so lazy!
A: No, I’m not. I can’t move.
B: Why can’t you move?

A: Because, our teacher told us to save energy.
B: I don’t think that is what she meant.
45. Poor girl
A: Karen is always broke.
B: Yes, she never has any money.
A: Is her family poor?
B: No, she just spends too much.
A: She needs to be more careful.
B: She needs to make a budget.
A: A budget helps you save money.
B: Yes, that’s how I got my new cell phone.

46. Photos
A: What are you looking at?
B: Photos from our vacation.
A: Where did you go?
B: We went to Japan.
A: How long where you away?
B: We were gone for 2 weeks.
A: Did you see Godzilla?
B: You are so weird!
47. A night out
A: Let’s go out tonight.
B: Where do you want to go?
A: The movies.
B: We did that last weekend.
A: What do you want to do?
B: I want to go dancing.
A: I don’t know how to dance.
B: Don’t worry, it’s easy.

48. Be careful
A: Hey! Watch out!
B: What?
A: You almost walked into that tree.
B: Thanks, I wasn’t paying attention.
A: You need to be more careful.
B: I will try to be.
A: What were you thinking about?
B: The pretty new girl in my Math class.
49. Dead battery

A: My cell phone won’t work.
B: What’s wrong with it?
A: I’m not sure.
B: Will it turn on?
A: No, it won’t.
B: The battery is probably dead.
A: I must have left it on all night again.
B: That will do it.

50. Chatting
A: Who are you chatting with?
B: A friend.
A: Where is your friend at?
B: Japan.
A: Is it a boy, or a girl?
B: He’s a boy, his name is Kazuki.
A: Are you sure? It better not be a girl!
B: Don’t be so jealous.



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